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sadakny khalas ~ Amr diab (believe me that's it)

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Believe me, that's it.
From amongst all people,
I have loved you and have chosen you for myself.

As long as I am with you,
There is an angel in front me
You have made me never shut my eyes.

Oh god, wow!
In your eyes, I found the most beautiful words.

Come closer little by little.
So my heart and yours can find each other.
You have filled my world.
This is the love nobody has ever tasted.

Come closer little by little.
As much as you can, come closer.
You have filled my world.
And it's like you were created just for me.

Oh most kind person,
There is affection in your eyes.
When I see them, I forget the world.
Embrace me with your arms,
If I am precious to you.
Don't waste time, not even a second.

My darling, my darling.
I need you to stay next to me.
Oh darling,
الموسيقى والفيديو - Music Video
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