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Pantry/Closet Update with Elissa the Mom | Rare Life

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Elissa the Mom shows you what her pantry and closets look like today, about 4 months after organizing with these tips:

Your pantry is a mess — but these 11 things will fix it http://rare.us/story/your-pantry-is-a-mess-but-these-11-things-will-fix-it/

Your hall coat closet is a total disaster, but this is how to rescue it http://rare.us/story/your-hall-coat-closet-is-a-total-disaster-but-this-is-how-to-rescue-it/

Watch how a simple shoe organizer can save your linen closet and your sanity http://rare.us/story/watch-how-a-simple-shoe-organizer-can-save-your-linen-closet-and-your-sanity/

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