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APRIL 19TH 2018
A LETTER FROM A FAN (He wrote We Listened & We Coming):
Letter From Mataus:
My name is Mataus and I'm 16, I hear there was time videos went viraaal on Tube. I hear about funny and stupid video people make joke of. I start watching all videos from long time ago and I become so sad, because all these viral people are so old today. Maybe this is why there is no viral videos on Tube today. I also hear there are many lazy fat ugly people that sit on computer, eating pizza, oxtail stew, pepsi and saying bad words. My sister say these people are called hataars. I want to be a hataars, because you don't do anything only to eat all the food and say bad words. Pizza and Oxtail stew is good American dish. I want!! After watching all crazy American viral videos, I see this one called China food and I became so hungry. Sorry My English not so good..
الموسيقى والفيديو - Music Video

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