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Learn Arabic with Video - Getting Around Using Arabic

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Commuting in Egypt has its perks and tolls. There are many modes of transportation: taxis, the subway, and cars, but which one is fastest? You'll need all of your Arabic skills to find out. And you need to find out fast because you've been late to work two days in a row. You'll have to inquire in Arabic about what mode of transportation will be more effective...before you lose your job. In his lesson you'll learn Arabic transportation expressions, which will help you when you need to get from here to there in Egypt.

This Arabic video series is a brand new way to learn Arabic. Learn everyday vocabulary and key verbs in this Arabic video lesson. Read the Arabic lesson notes to learn about the Arabic verb tenses Join us, and see what you've been missing! Visit us at ArabicPod101.com where you will find many more fantastic Arabic lessons and learning resources! Leave us a message while you are there!

Find out more, go to: http://www.arabicpod101.com/2011/02/18/learn-with-pictures-and-video-s3-7-getting-around-using-arabic/

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