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Cafe De Anatolia - Most Beautiful Songs (New Edit)

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1. Nasser Shibani - Sweet Pain (download: https://bit.ly/2QJwxKe)
2. Billy Esteban - Eternity (Sonsuzluk) (download: https://bit.ly/2TPL4ct)
3. Ersin Ersavas - Night (download: https://bit.ly/2OiEKVb)
4. Billy Esteban - Obsession (download: https://bit.ly/2UM1wag)
5. Il Santo - From Naples to Bombay (download: https://bit.ly/2ugAKuM)
6. Clelia Felix - Eastern Sunrise (download: https://bit.ly/2JpZqvo)
7. Nasser Shibani - Sleep in Peace (download: https://bit.ly/2Nqvscl)
8. Dejan Vizant - Walking Around (download: https://bit.ly/2Q165dR)
9. Billy Esteban - Sunset in Anatolia (download: https://bit.ly/2TTzZ9q)
10. Billy Esteban - Arabian Eyes (download: https://bit.ly/2UPapQu)
11. Ankoku Project & Brahms - Caravan of Peace
12. Nikos Kaponis - Gipsy Day (download: https://bit.ly/2FizlJq)
13. Matanza - Kalimera (download: https://bit.ly/2F0xc4X)
14. Ensaime - You Are Not Alone (download: https://bit.ly/2HzQIsT)

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