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All Arabic Basics you Need to Know in one FREE PDF Pack

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https://bit.ly/3yMja4D ← Download your FREE pack of PDF cheat sheets that give you a quick overview of all the Arabic basics you need to know

Step 1: Go to https://bit.ly/3yMja4D
Step 2: Sign up for a Free Lifetime Account - No money, No credit card required
Step 3: Benefit from FREE resources and features to help you learn Arabic fast

We’ve created a FREE Language Welcome Pack -a pack of PDF cheat sheets that give you a quick overview of all the basics you need to know:
- You get cheat sheets covering:
- The alphabet,
- Beginner grammar rules,
- Key words and phrases,
- Conversational patterns,
And much more.

In addition with your Free Lifetime Account, you get…
- A free 7-day Premium trial – experience our Arabic learning program at no cost
- New audio and video lessons every week – 3-5 new, free lessons a week
- The first 3 lessons of every learning pathway – 100+ lessons in total
- Arabic Word of the Day lessons – a new free lesson every day
- Throwback Thursday lessons – a free random lesson every Thursday
- The Innovative Language Learning App for the Android, iPhone and iPad
- And free Vocabulary and Phrase Lists for common topics, themes and holidays

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