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9 House of Cards Moments That Made Us Say WTF (@Cinematica)

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Be honest: How many times have you been sitting at home, binge watching House of Cards, when suddenly you find yourself screaming at your television and saying "WHAT JUST HAPPENED" about 15 times in a row? Yeah, it happens a lot with this show. And we here at Cinematica are here to count down the 9 best moments that had viewers going "WTF," because Frank Underwood and his "friends" sure knows how the freak us the hell out.

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Written by: David Olsson
Hosted by: Elissa Vallano
Graphics and Edited by: Matt Furtado
Produced by: Matt Gielen, Jake Krengel, Soy Nguyen, Elissa Vallano
Music by Audiomicro:
-Mystery Strut

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