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Teach Kids Arabic Colors&Shapes Educational Cartoon: Standard Classical Fusha Arabic

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Language: Modern Standard Arabic

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The Colors&Shapes theme aims to aid children's recognition of colors, and shapes. Through clever and entertaining story lines.

Venture on the exciting world of colors with the fairy mermaid that takes Tareq and his friends to an undersea adventure where they recognize all the beautiful colors around them.

A children's cartoon DVD series in Arabic created by Arabs for Arabs. Educational and entertaining for children ages 3 - 8 years old. Currently used in schools and classrooms all across the Arab world. Now available in North America NTSC format through Syraj.com.شارك في مغامرة شيقة في عالم الألوان مع حورية البحر التي ستأخذ طارق وأصدقائه في رحلة إلى أعماق البحار حيث يتعرفون على الألوان الجميلة حولهم.

--------------------------------------------The "Tareq wa Shireen" series is the first of its kind, and is ideal for families raising their children fluent in Arabic. "Tareq wa Shireen" consists of 13 themes (The Arabic Alphabet, Arabic Numbers, Counting, Time, Shapes, Colors, Animals, Family Relationships, Body, Community and more). In eachepisode Tareq and Shireen and their group of friends have fun exploring the different subjects with singing and music, imagination and curiosity.

The story lines reinforce positive behavior, good deeds, love and understanding. The stories introduce our Arabian ancestors and teach children positivevalues, history through fables, norms and traditions, love for the land, and acceptance of others regardless of ethnicity and differences. The characters model different backgrounds, that portray the diversity within the Arab culture, socioeconomic conditions, gender and age. The episodes focus onproblem solving skills, discovery learning, and using their imaginations. The themes were researched and developed by a team of bilingual education specialists.

The design is illustrated based on Arab features, traditional dress, character design, background design, music, and classical Arabic language. Rubicon is proud of its quality production its being designed and produced by Arabs for Arabs. ---------------------------------------

DVD Format: North America: Region_1_NTSC Europe/Middle East: Region_2_PAL

Producer: Rubicon

Ages: 3 - 8 years old

Duration: 28 minutes

Series: Tareq wa Shireen

Language: Classical Arabic language

UPC Barcode: 892954002885

Digital Studios Award-2008: Animation house of the year award


طارق وشيرين، مسلسل كرتوني يتميز بمزج فريد من نوعه بين التعلم والمتعة وموجه إلى الأطفال ما بين 3 -- 8 سنوات.

تم تطوير موضوعاته الـ 13 على يد فريق من الباحثين التربويين المتخصصين في مجال الطفولة المبكرة بطريقة فريدة تجذب انتباه الأطفالإليها.

يمارس طارق وشيرين وأصدقاؤهم في كل حلقة مجموعة ممتعة من النشاطات بحيث يتعلم الطفل أثناء المشاهدة الكثير من الأمور المتعلقة بحل المشكلات من خلال التفكير الإبداعي والاستكشاف والخيال والغناء والتفاعل المباشر مع الشخصيات والموضوعات المطروحة.

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