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Mesut Kurtis - Malana Mawlan Siwallah (Ramadan 2019) | مسعود كُرتِس - ما لنا مولى سوى الله

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Official lyric video of Mesut Kurtis's new song "Malana Mawlan Siwallah" (We Have No Lord Except Allah), from his new album "Balaghal Ula". New Album out on 26/05/2019

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Lyrics: Ahmed Al-Yafie & Islamic Heritage
Melody: Ottoman Islamic Heritage
Arrangement: Emre Mogulkoç
Mixing & Mastering: Emrah Mogulkoç
Recorded in Emrec Studio, Istanbul.
"Malana Mawlan Siwallah" Lyrics with English Translation :

Malana Mawlan Siwallah مالنا مولى سوى الله
We Have No Lord Except Allah

قدْ سمِعْنا وأطَعْنا
We heard, and we obeyed

وعلى الحقِّ اجْتَمَعْنا
And we have gathered and united upon the truth

وكتابُ اللهِ مَعَنا
Holding onto Allah's Book (Qur'an)

وهُدَى الهَادِي محمّد
Following the footsteps of The Guide, Muhammad (pbuh)

الله الله ، الله الله
Allah Allah, Allah Allah

مالنا مولى سوى الله
We have no lord except Allah

كلما ناديتُ ياربْ
Whenever I call out “O Lord!”

قال ياعبدي أنا الله
He says “O My servant, I am Allah”

ما وَهَنَّا ما رَضِينَا
We’ve never weakened nor have we ever accepted...

غَيْرَ دينِ اللهِ دينَا
Any religion but Allah’s religion as our own

نحنُ للدُنْيَا أَتَيْنَا
We’ve come to this world

نَقْتَفِي نورَ محمّدْ
To follow Muhammad’s light (noor)


نحنُ أتباعُ محمدْ
We are Muhammad’s followers

إِشْهَدُوا واللهُ يَشْهَدْ
Bear witness, and Allah bears witness also

قائدُ الدُنيا و إنّا
He (Muhammad) is the leader of all humanity and we...

نَتَبَاهَى بمُحمّدْ
Are so full of pride of (having as our Prophet) Muhammad

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