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Mesut Kurtis - Hasbunallah | مسعود كُرتِس - حسبنا الله

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Official lyric video of Mesut Kurtis's new song "Hasbunallah", from his new album "Balaghal Ula".
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Lyrics: Ahmed Al-Yafie
Melody: Mesut Kurtis
Arrangement: Emre Mogulkoç
Recording, Mixing & Mastering: Emrah Mogulkoç
Recorded in Studio emREC, Istanbul
Hasbunallah Lyrics:

Hasbunallah - حسبنا الله
(Allah is Sufficient for us)

يا فُؤادي
(O my heart!)

دَعْ سِوى الله
(Leave everything but Allah)

فوِّضْ الأمرَ للهِ لله
(Entrust everything to Allah... to Allah)

قُلْ ونادِ
(Say, and call out: )

حسبيَ الله
(“Allah is sufficient for me!”)

قُلْ فما خابَ عبدٌ دعا الله
(Say it, for a servant who turns to Allah is never turned away)

الله ، لا إلهَ سِواهْ
(Allah, no god but Him)

لا تُخالِطُهُ الظُّنونُ ولا العيونُ تراهْ
(He’s above all doubts, and eyes cannot see Him)

الله ، جلَّ في عُلاهْ
(Allah, may He be exalted and glorified)

هو أُنْسِي ومَلاذي أَحتَمي بِحِماهْ
(He’s my source of comfort and refuge and I seek shelter in his protection)

حَسبُنا الله ونِعمَ الوكيلْ
(Allah is Sufficient for us, and He is the best One to rely on)

نِعمَ المَوْلى ونِعمَ النَّصِيرْ
(He’s the best Master and the best Ally)

حَسبُنا الله ، حَسبُنا الله
(Allah is Sufficient for us, Allah is Sufficient for us)

حَسبُنا الله ونِعمَ الوكيلْ
(Allah is Sufficient for us, and He is the best One to rely on)

يا إلَهي
(My Lord)

أنتَ جاهي
(You are my pride and honour)

في يديْكَ مَماتي ومَحْيايْ
(My life and death lay in Your hands)

أنتَ حَسبي
(You are sufficient for me)

نوُرُ قلبي
(You fill my heart with light)

عِند ضَعْفي وهَمِّي و بَلْوَايْ
(Through my weakness, sorrow, and hardship)

مَوْلايْ، غايَتي و مُنايْ
(My Master, my purpose, and my ultimate goal)

لكَ وجَّهتُ سُؤالي و رفَعتُ يدايْ
(To you I direct my prayers and raise my hands [in supplication])

مَوْلايْ، أُنْسِي ورَجائي
(My Master, my source of comfort, and my only hope)
Tu es mon seul Seigneur, mon compagnon, mon espoir

فأَزِلْ عنِّي كُرُوبي واستجِبْ لدُعائي
(Please remove all my hardships and answer my prayers)
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