Healing the Mind 正念 Meditation Music


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أضيف by ava
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Nature has powerful ways of healing the mind and body from all forms of stress and anxieties that both rural and modern life style brings. Our senses respond positively to nature sounds and mind nourishing healing instruments in a way that no other forms of therapy can match. So I hope you will find 10 minutes and give yourself permission to just sit back in a comfortable position and just listen to the sound of the flute accompanied by desert wind, and night crickets.
Let yourself drift away to a place far from all the noises of a busy life and allow yourself to drift to a peaceful, calm and safe place for 10 minutes. Make healing yourself a priority because only when you have the energy and the calmness within are we best equip to help others.

Photo Cover: A New Dawn by Dániel Taylor
Music: Eduard Ritok - Sleeping Forests
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